The Firm

Combine practical experience with academic knowledge is an ideal that Fabro & Menezes Law Firm brought from the human universe to the legal practice.

Fabro & Menezes Law Firm is regularly established with the Bar Association, state of Santa Catarina Section, which aims to provide excellent services in specific sectors of the economic activity relative to the law.

With the main goal of only doing what we do well, adding experience and security to the decision-making process, the Fabro & Menezes Law Firm seeks to understand in detail, the goals of our clients and develop solutions tailored to the needs of each one.

By doing so, it has achieved the recognition of several companies and individual clients that entrust their interests and contribute with its work for the growth of the Brazilian economy.

Contact us

(48) 3333-7575

Rua Crispim Mira, 195 | Centro

Florianópolis | Santa Catarina | 88020-540

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